Who Doesn’t Love a Little Vice

Who doesn’t love a little vice?

Nugget Molson here with some stellar movie criticism.

Okay, Vice, yeah. Cheney. Double Entendré. Sure, the film is biased, but there were no WMDs, let’s not forget that. And whose fault was that? W’s? Rummy’s? Follow the money. Can you spell Halliburton?

The story’s familiar to anybody who lived through it. It’s straight out of the headlines from the oughts. What I’m saying is that there’s no new info here. The strength of the movie is in the way they tell it. I mean, the Shakespeare soliloquy between Dick and Lynne Cheney in bed: that’s priceless. Question: If there’s two people in it, is it a duliloquy? Dunno, anyway, it’s nice touches like that that make Vice a great little flick.

So is it a fair rendering of Cheney’s presidential reign? Ha! you say, he was the VP, not the big guy. Just watch the film, see what you think, then get back to me on that.

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