Voices4Change Launch

On March 11, 2011, 27-year-old Jennifer Snyder was murdered. She was a few months pregnant. Within six days, David Rapoport was arrested for the murder. He is now serving two life sentences. He was the father of Jennifer’s baby.

Shortly after Jenn’s murder, filmmaker Tracy Schott, through her connection with Jennifer’s aunt, discovered the leading cause of death amongst pregnant women is murder. More astounding is the fact that the murderer is often the father of the child. Following extensive investigation into the causes and remedies of this horrible situation, including countless interviews with health workers, police, and survivors of attempted intimate partner homicide, Schott created the film FINDING JENN’S VOICE.

Nine years later, Schott, still working in the trenches of public awareness, created the Voices4Change initiative which seeks to educate emergency departments, healthcare workers, and the public at large on the subject of intimate partner homicide and how to prevent it.

It is Schott’s hope that the phenomenon that inspired her to take action will one day go away. Intimate partner homicide is a complex problem, but it is solvable. Through Schott’s film we may be a step closer to finding that solution.

The Dust Nuggets team is proud to have Tracy Schott as our friend and executive producer. We invite you to visit the Voices4Change website. Download the app. View Finding Jenn’s Voice. Contribute to the cause.

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