Film Review: The Last Winter

Directed/Written by Larry Fessenden in 2006 True horror films have one thing in common: they involve the supernatural. In other words, what you see is impossible, improbable, unrealistic, never going to happen. Why is it that Horror is the most popular genre out there? The way I see it, people fall into two camps. In … Read moreFilm Review: The Last Winter

Ronee Blakley, ’nuff said

We here at Dust Nuggets Central have been watching and rewatching Robert Altman’s Nashville lately. It’s a fine film, but defies categorization, generalization, or understanding. It’s rich, but only reveals itself upon repeated viewings. A single pass will leave you scratching your head as you try to find a plot. Lots of people don’t like … Read moreRonee Blakley, ’nuff said

Something about Christopher

Doyle that is. Christopher Doyle. He’s one of the world’s best cinematographers and a sassy interview with him came out at The Film Stage a few weeks before last Christmas. A great present! We were excited to stumble across it last week. It was a delightful reminder of all the reasons we love this guy’s … Read moreSomething about Christopher

Traffic Opera Going to Southampton, UK

We’ve been accepted into the Southampton UK film festival. Last year we went with A Perfect You which was nominated for best editing and best comedy short. It won an award for Rashieda Awan for best actress in a comedy short. We like Southampton. We had a great time there. It’s a lovely little town. … Read moreTraffic Opera Going to Southampton, UK

Episode 3: Reading Innuendo premiere

Reading Innuendo (Episode 3 of Amazing Berks) is set to premiere at Fox Berkshire theater on March 15th. Show starts at 6pm. This premiere is part of the fundraising campaign for Traffic Opera which will be shot sometime later this year in Reading. Also screening on the 15th will be Sue Lange’s A Perfect You … Read moreEpisode 3: Reading Innuendo premiere