Film Review: The Last Winter

Directed/Written by Larry Fessenden in 2006 True horror films have one thing in common: they involve the supernatural. In other words, what you see is impossible, improbable, unrealistic, never going to happen. Why is it that Horror is the most popular genre out there? The way I see it, people fall into two camps. In … Read moreFilm Review: The Last Winter

First Characteristic of a Better Film: Ambition

I came across an article written by a guy named Ted Hope at the Hammer to Nail website a while ago that was most provocative. Hammer to Nail is a great place for film reviews of not so easy to find gems. The site is curated; it’s not just a purveyor of what comes in … Read moreFirst Characteristic of a Better Film: Ambition

Film Review: Emma

Say what you will about the problems of the young, beautiful, and privileged, damn! do they have great clothes! Unfortunately you don’t see that effort anymore. When was the last time a man actually dressed for a party? I mourn those days when you needed a servant to pull on your stockings. Seriously, the clothing … Read moreFilm Review: Emma

Molson goes to the Vault: Copenhagen

Sometimes a flick comes along that mixes subject matter with technique and the whole ball of wax turns into fine art. Like the 2002 BBC TV-film Copenhagen starring Daniel Craig, Stephen Rea, and Francesca Annis. It’s basically just a conversation between two old friends —Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr — back in 1941. The atom’s … Read moreMolson goes to the Vault: Copenhagen

Who Doesn’t Love a Little Vice

Nugget Molson here with some stellar movie criticism. Okay, Vice, yeah. Cheney. Double Entendré. Sure, the film is biased, but there were no WMDs, let’s not forget that. And whose fault was that? W’s? Rummy’s? Follow the money. Can you spell Halliburton? The story’s familiar to anybody who lived through it. It’s straight out of … Read moreWho Doesn’t Love a Little Vice