The Legend of Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo has done a million things. In the 80s he was in the art and music scene of New York City. That probably explains his quirky, dark onscreen personality, but who knows. Eventually he became an actor and you can find him in big films as small characters (for ex: Good Fellas). I first … Read moreThe Legend of Vincent Gallo

Hey, Hey, My, My: Hard Cover Books Will Never Die

Hardbacks occupy a special place in the hearts of us here at Dust Nuggets central. We had to do a bit of work to create our prop — How to Catapult Your Band to Rock Stardom — as a hard cover book. It was worth it because, first of all it was fun to design … Read moreHey, Hey, My, My: Hard Cover Books Will Never Die

Reading Science Center: Coming…Soon

We here at Dust Nuggets Central are very pleased our good friend, Jim Cinelli, has a project that is coming to fruition this year. Jim very graciously allowed us to use his Loft space on Penn Street for the Dust Nuggets fundraiser back in ’18. He’s a great pal and we are very proud of … Read moreReading Science Center: Coming…Soon

Fundraising in the Time of Corona

Of all the cancelled events, theater darkenings, and bar closings due to Corona V, the saddest to us here at Dust Nuggets Central is the postponing of our local Habitat for Humanity’s Birdhouse Challenge. This is an annual event that takes place at the Doubletree on Penn and is comprised of birdhouses built by artists, … Read moreFundraising in the Time of Corona

Molson Reviews Roma

Glory Hallalutchie, this little transcendental, slow-plotted, no music score, foreign-language indie has a shot at an Academy Award. How’d that even happen? Here in ‘merica I mean. Because here, if it doesn’t have superheroes, vampires, or naked boobies, it doesn’t register on the collective American retina. Slipped in under the wire most likely. The thing … Read moreMolson Reviews Roma

Who Doesn’t Love a Little Vice

Nugget Molson here with some stellar movie criticism. Okay, Vice, yeah. Cheney. Double Entendré. Sure, the film is biased, but there were no WMDs, let’s not forget that. And whose fault was that? W’s? Rummy’s? Follow the money. Can you spell Halliburton? The story’s familiar to anybody who lived through it. It’s straight out of … Read moreWho Doesn’t Love a Little Vice

Crazy Rich Asians, Seriously?

Hey Nuggets fans, Molson here, laying a little movie review love on you. Here it is: Crazy Rich Asians. Seriously? The poor little rich girl flick is Oscar-worthy? You’re shitting me. Okay, it’s funny and entertaining as hell, I’ll give it that, but its major selling point seems to be its diversity cred. They’re saying … Read moreCrazy Rich Asians, Seriously?

Nugget Molson Here

Hey friends, Nugget Molson, guitarist for the Dust Nuggets band, here. I’m hijacking the Instagram/Facebook/Wordpress accounts before they get any more Carter/Ford-voting-Dad-like. You know: yawn. Dust Nuggets social media is threatening to sink into decrepitude, so I’m wresting the reins from the powers that be, aka The Management. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that … Read moreNugget Molson Here