Something about Christopher

Doyle that is. Christopher Doyle. He’s one of the world’s best cinematographers and a sassy interview with him came out at The Film Stage a few weeks before last Christmas. A great present!

We were excited to stumble across it last week. It was a delightful reminder of all the reasons we love this guy’s work.

First off, there’s his character. He’s wild. Yet somehow he’s sensitive at the same time. Apparently he never went to film school. Just sort of enrolled in the school of life and then one day he became a photographer and next thing you know he’s doing Wong Kar Wai films, most notably IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, for which he won the Technical Grand Prize at Cannes in 2000.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is one of the best films ever made. The music matched with camera tells a story almost without words. Okay, the actors were pretty good too, but seriously, that music, that camera, that editing. Genius. Poetry. And Tony Leung.

Same thing in 2046 which is another Wong Kar Wai/Christopher Doyle collaboration that features great music with great camera work. And let’s not forget DAYS OF BEING WILD. Both are beautiful films.

Of course Doyle has worked with a ton of other directors. Mostly Chinese, but also those known on this side of the world, such as Gus Van Sant (Psycho, Paranoid Park), Jim Jarmusch (The Limits of Control), and Philip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence). 

Can’t say enough about this guy. Do yourself a favor, read the sassy interview. Then get over to Netflix and sample Christopher Doyle’s work. Start with Wong Kar Wai’s films. You will love these films so much you will never again be frightened by subtitles.

And don’t forget to check out Dust Nugget’s own fabulous cinematography when it comes out. For now, you’ll have to make do with the trailer.

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