Nugget Molson Here

Hey friends, Nugget Molson, guitarist for the Dust Nuggets band, here. I’m hijacking the Instagram/Facebook/Wordpress accounts before they get any more Carter/Ford-voting-Dad-like. You know: yawn. Dust Nuggets social media is threatening to sink into decrepitude, so I’m wresting the reins from the powers that be, aka The Management.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that they’re posting photos of potential locations full of melancholic longing for the upcoming flick and crap. Who doesn’t want a little moodiness in their movie, but seriously folks, how about something just a wee bit hip? I’m talking about  some bitter truth, some reality gut-punches, updates on the sordid state of existence. I’m talking about the opinions of a millennial, aka me, Nugget Molson. How’s that for relevant? I plan on checking in here from time to time so get ready for some social news, movie reviews, and political views. Maybe even The Blues. How can you lose?

And while your’e at it, how ’bout throwing some cash at the project? Make a tax-deductible donation here:

Nugget Molson in his element.

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