New Web Series: Skip Intro

Suffice it to say the pandemic has gifted us with a lot of downtime. What do filmmakers do when they can’t make films? They make Zoom videos. Introducing a new web series: Skip Intro brought to you by Dust Nuggets Central.

Back in February, Reading Theater Project held it’s yearly Five-Minute Fringe Festival. You know what a fringe festival is. It’s that thing that Edinburgh, Scotland started about 1000 years ago. It’s performance art galore, over-the-top, relevant, silly, outrageous, or poetic. All of and none of the above. You never know what you’re going to get in a fringe festival. The only thing you know is that you will see something you haven’t seen before.

So at this year’s RTP Fringe, Lange and Pochan created a sketch entitle “Going Away Party for Words Removed from the Dictionary.” Words do get removed every year. The dictionary has to make room for new, more important words like “dabbing” and “maga,” so they remove old words like “Long-play” and “ten-cent store.” We made a sketch about the situation and people seemed to like it. We decided to make a video and post it on Youtube.

Then Coronavirus hit like a blunderbuss (n., archaic for big gun). No getting together to shoot anything or even rehearse. What do you do with a bunch of out of work actors and some serious downtime? You make Zoom videos. So we did.


We took our main character, Mimeograph (n. forerunner of the modern copy machine), and turned her into a case worker down to the unemployment office. She is tasked with interviewing so called obsolete words to make sure they are eligible for benefits. It’s a difficult job because the out-of-date words are lying, stealing, drunken, reprobates, most of whom are working somewhere and getting paid under the table.

It’s such demoralizing work that Mimi is working herself up into an existential crisis of identity. Lots of fun.

We have a few episodes up already. Take a look at Retirant (n, retiree):

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