Molson reviews At Eternity’s Gate

You want authenticity? This film has it. You’re a Van Gogh fanatic and want a dose of his reality? See At Eternity’s Gate. The man was a genius, but troubled. At Eternity’s Gate doesn’t just show the pain, it makes you feel it: the desperation, the squalor, the ear. Admit it, you’re fascinated with the ear. Anyway it’s all in there. Schnabel created a masterpiece. Again.

Van Gogh was a man ahead of his time. So ahead of his time that nobody was buying his art. He was a pauper. And yet today he’s so very popular.

You can say that things like that don’t happen anymore; these days we recognize genius when it hits us in the face, but that’s not true. Art that can deeply touch people gets overlooked in its own time because it is so different its quality goes recognized. Don’t make the mistake that the people in Van Gogh’s time did. Support today’s emerging art:

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