Molson reviews 22 July

Nugget Molson here and I’m a lay it out for you: we’re living in messed up times and nobody’s even, you know, addressing that in a serious way. I’m talking about all these mass shootings. Do you recall reading about crap like this in the history books? No! It’s a recent phenomenon. And it’s happening more frequently. Every few months. Who’s doing it and why? If you really want to know what it’s all about, you need to check out this season’s most overlooked film: 22 July. Covers that incident over by Oslo, Norway in 2011. Guy killed over 70 people in his little soiree. Killed everybody except himself, in fact. And he was proud of it and talked about why he did it. You wanna know what’s going on before they start declaring martial law and taking away all of our rights in the name of saving us from the insane? See this film. Educate yourself. Take a stand. 

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Nugget Molson

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