Latest CoolAthFilmth: Dust Nuggets

This pilot was shot March 3, 2018. It’s a weird little show best described as Dr. Seuss meets David Lynch. Guaranteed to confuse and entertain at the same time. Photos from the shoot below. Stay tuned for progress reports. (All photos by the amazing Fadi Acra.)

Or fabulous host Marabelle, co-owner with Earl of Grill Then Chill, our fabulous location.
Vicki Haller Graff as KK Kolsen. On a mission to the stars.
DP Kevin Hackenberg suited up in his steady cam gear.
Director, Andrew Pochan, and writer, Sue Lange watching playback.
Dust Nuggets Movie -1.jpg
The team watching playback: Julie (bartenders, Vicki (KK Kelsey), and Abraham (kid with milkshake) at the bar.

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