Hurrah for Traffic Opera

We here at Dust Nuggets Central couldn’t be happier. Our previous film, Traffic Opera, has been endowed with a little love from across the pond. UK Film Review says TO is “startlingly original and infectiously enjoyable.” Agreed.

Citing Chris Heslop’s music, Kevin Hackenberg’s cinematography, Andrew Pochan’s direction, and the tight script, there was a lot the reviewer, Jack J. Bottomley, liked about it. We think he’s most perceptive.

The film came out in 2018 and won the best Made in Reading Award at the Reading Film Festival that year. It traveled to festivals in the UK, France, Australia, and of course here in the good ‘ol USA. And now thanks to modern tech, to say nothing of a motivating pandemic, the film is available on Vimeo. It’s 18 minutes of pure fun. Check out the trailer first if you’re not sure such a large investment in time would be worth it.

And if you’re in the mood for trailers, check out the one for Dust Nuggets. The film is coming out soon. We promise.

-Sue Lange, writer/producer Dust Nuggets

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