Fundraising in the Time of Corona

Of all the cancelled events, theater darkenings, and bar closings due to Corona V, the saddest to us here at Dust Nuggets Central is the postponing of our local Habitat for Humanity’s Birdhouse Challenge. This is an annual event that takes place at the Doubletree on Penn and is comprised of birdhouses built by artists, commissioned by local businesses, and auctioned off to raise funds for this most worthy of causes.

The birdhouses are wildly creative as the builders allow their imaginations to have free rein. They’re humorous and beautiful, crazy yet functional. I haven’t seen any around town yet, but I think people keep them as decorative pieces rather than letting birds have their way with them. That’s sort of unfortunate, I like to think of these as habitats for avianity.

This year’s event was to include a birdhouse from our very own Andrew Pochan, master builder, supreme film director, and all around cool guy. Mike’s Tavern commissioned him to build a birdhouse featuring Rudy, the mascot of Mike’s. All the world loves Rudy and now he’s been immortalized in bird house statuary.

We’re very proud of Andrew’s skills and are sad to hear his piece won’t be auctioned off until next March 23rd. That’s 2021! Of course we have to get through this Corona crisis first.

To get you through the doldrums of quarantine, check out Andrew’s other donation to the world of art: the Dust Nuggets trailer. And keep an eye out for the movie coming to a streaming service near you soon!

The making of Rudy Birdhouse.

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