Dust Nuggets

Feature length film by director Andrew Pochan and writer Sue Lange.

Dust Nuggets is a mind bending maze of a film. With one story that goes backwards and another that goes forward in time we see the evolution and destruction of Dust Nuggets band manager KK Colson.

Traffic Opera

It’s an opera. In traffic.

Traffic Opera is a short film in the Amazing Berks series produced by Cool Ath Filmth in Reading, PA. It’s a full-fledged, albeit short (18 minutes), opera that takes place in traffic.

Chris Heslop is the composer. Sue Lange the wordsmith. Andrew Pochan the director. Tracy Schott is executive producer. Kevin Hackenberg and Steve Buckwalter are the cinematographers.

A Perfect You

A Perfect You follows Nell as she goes through the daily routine in her perfect life. She eats perfect vegetarian meals, listens to enriching music, reads profound literature, cleans her house perfectly. At night she sleeps perfectly and on the perfect schedule.

One day, though, she discovers a gray hair. All hell breaks loose.


Princess Dancer

Princess Dancer is a short story of Sue’s that appeared in the Beyond Grimm e-anthology published in March by Book View Cafe. The story is based on Twelve Dancing Princesses and includes two different types of dance and she thought itwould make a nice visual presentation.

Tracy Schott produced the video, Kevin Hackenberg organized the shoot and all post-production. There was a whole slew of people—dancers, actors, tech people—involved.