Film Review: Emma

Say what you will about the problems of the young, beautiful, and privileged, damn! do they have great clothes! Unfortunately you don’t see that effort anymore. When was the last time a man actually dressed for a party? I mourn those days when you needed a servant to pull on your stockings. Seriously, the clothing was the best part of this movie.

I was getting a little concerned as I sat through the latest Marvel extravaganza previews. Had I come to the wrong place? Was this to be the parlor story that I’d come to see? Yes, turns out I was in the right place. And then it made sense. Of course. Emma is nothing but fantasy.

To be fair there is biting social commentary here on the plight of the lower classes. Scenes of servants breaking their masters’ eggs at breakfast and the like. Was that opulence or actually selflessness in the face of high unemployment? And I did feel sorry for poor Emma when she came to the realization that she was selfish and clueless. Who hasn’t suffered through the Mean Girls of high school. So nice when they come to terms with their own failings. The message? The super wealthy can be saved.

But in the end, it’s pure fantasy right up there with Wonder Woman. The fantasy in this case, though, is mostly in imagining what lies beneath Johnny Flynn’s cravat, waist coast, tail coat, linen shirt, breeches, and union suit. We did get a quick shot of that at one point. Thank you movie moguls for knowing who your audience is.

Lest you think I’m disparaging this iteration of Emma, let me say I’m not. I liked the film. There is nothing quite like a well-dressed man.

Johnny Flynn, as well-dressed George Knigtley.

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