Crazy Rich Asians, Seriously?

Hey Nuggets fans, Molson here, laying a little movie review love on you. Here it is: Crazy Rich Asians. Seriously? The poor little rich girl flick is Oscar-worthy? You’re shitting me.

Okay, it’s funny and entertaining as hell, I’ll give it that, but its major selling point seems to be its diversity cred. They’re saying it’s about time an underserved ethnic group gets its due. That’s what makes it Oscar-worthy? 

Sorry, but Detroit Unleaded, is all that CRA is and more. Came out in 2012 and was directed by this chick, Rola Nashef. It’s about Lebanese kids trying to make it in the mean streets of post-Renaissance Detroit. Which, by the way, is not any different from pre-Renaissance Detroit. 

You’re getting the picture here; Detroit Unleaded is about the poor and unconnected in a part of the world that time has forgotten. CRA is about the wealthy and super-connected in a part of the world that we all wish we lived in but will never even see the bottom floor of. Apparently no one wants to see a movie about the lower middle class, so we’re all cuckoo for crazy, rich Asians and the devil take the hindmost.

That’s sad. Detroit Unleaded is a fun little flick that didn’t have enough marketing dollars when it was released to make it out to the limelight. It’s just as entertaining as CRA, and ever so much more socially relevant, what with the clash of the races and spotlight on outdated gender policies. CRA is about as socially relevant as a pair of DeBeers earrings.

The best way to describe Detroit Unleaded is Spike Lee and Jim Jarmusch got married, moved to the Mid-west, and made a rom-com. You feel me? This is indie film at its best. It’s only crime is that it didn’t have the funds to tell the world about it.

Speaking of which. Like Detroit Unleaded, Dust Nuggets is underfunded. It’s another little gem that will fly under the radar unless you do us a solid and donate today:

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