Reading Science Center: Coming…Soon

We here at Dust Nuggets Central are very pleased our good friend, Jim Cinelli, has a project that is coming to fruition this year. Jim very graciously allowed us to use his Loft space on Penn Street for the Dust Nuggets fundraiser back in ’18. He’s a great pal and we are very proud of … Read moreReading Science Center: Coming…Soon

First Characteristic of a Better Film: Ambition

I came across an article written by a guy named Ted Hope at the Hammer to Nail website a while ago that was most provocative. Hammer to Nail is a great place for film reviews of not so easy to find gems. The site is curated; it’s not just a purveyor of what comes in … Read moreFirst Characteristic of a Better Film: Ambition

Fundraising in the Time of Corona

Of all the cancelled events, theater darkenings, and bar closings due to Corona V, the saddest to us here at Dust Nuggets Central is the postponing of our local Habitat for Humanity’s Birdhouse Challenge. This is an annual event that takes place at the Doubletree on Penn and is comprised of birdhouses built by artists, … Read moreFundraising in the Time of Corona

Film Review: Emma

Say what you will about the problems of the young, beautiful, and privileged, damn! do they have great clothes! Unfortunately you don’t see that effort anymore. When was the last time a man actually dressed for a party? I mourn those days when you needed a servant to pull on your stockings. Seriously, the clothing … Read moreFilm Review: Emma

Happy Belated B’day Dr Seuss

A week ago it was your day,We forgot, and now we say: Sorry that we missed the date, We’re ashamed that we’re so late. Still we want to show the loveThat our hearts are so full of. Your words, your stories, and your rhymes, Of course the pictures; they’re all sublime. Thank you, thank you, Dr. SeussFor … Read moreHappy Belated B’day Dr Seuss

Voices4Change Launch

On March 11, 2011, 27-year-old Jennifer Snyder was murdered. She was a few months pregnant. Within six days, David Rapoport was arrested for the murder. He is now serving two life sentences. He was the father of Jennifer’s baby. Shortly after Jenn’s murder, filmmaker Tracy Schott, through her connection with Jennifer’s aunt, discovered the leading … Read moreVoices4Change Launch

Something about Christopher

Doyle that is. Christopher Doyle. He’s one of the world’s best cinematographers and a sassy interview with him came out at The Film Stage a few weeks before last Christmas. A great present! We were excited to stumble across it last week. It was a delightful reminder of all the reasons we love this guy’s … Read moreSomething about Christopher