Molson reviews At Eternity’s Gate

You want authenticity? This film has it. You’re a Van Gogh fanatic and want a dose of his reality? See At Eternity’s Gate. The man was a genius, but troubled. At Eternity’s Gate doesn’t just show the pain, it makes you feel it: the desperation, the squalor, the ear. Admit it, you’re fascinated with the … Read moreMolson reviews At Eternity’s Gate

Crazy Rich Asians, Seriously?

Hey Nuggets fans, Molson here, laying a little movie review love on you. Here it is: Crazy Rich Asians. Seriously? The poor little rich girl flick is Oscar-worthy? You’re shitting me. Okay, it’s funny and entertaining as hell, I’ll give it that, but its major selling point seems to be its diversity cred. They’re saying … Read moreCrazy Rich Asians, Seriously?