Surviving Corona

Here at Dust Nuggets Central, we’re on tenterhooks waiting for our film to be available. We wait and wait and wait and go stir crazy. What to do? Answer: Road trip. In this case, Nashville to Natchez. What an excursion! First off, take a look at this benign-looking building. It’s in Alabama. It’s FAME studios … Read moreSurviving Corona

Film Review: The Last Winter

Directed/Written by Larry Fessenden in 2006 True horror films have one thing in common: they involve the supernatural. In other words, what you see is impossible, improbable, unrealistic, never going to happen. Why is it that Horror is the most popular genre out there? The way I see it, people fall into two camps. In … Read moreFilm Review: The Last Winter

New Web Series: Skip Intro

Suffice it to say the pandemic has gifted us with a lot of downtime. What do filmmakers do when they can’t make films? They make Zoom videos. Introducing a new web series: Skip Intro brought to you by Dust Nuggets Central. Back in February, Reading Theater Project held it’s yearly Five-Minute Fringe Festival. You know … Read moreNew Web Series: Skip Intro

Hurrah for Traffic Opera

We here at Dust Nuggets Central couldn’t be happier. Our previous film, Traffic Opera, has been endowed with a little love from across the pond. UK Film Review says TO is “startlingly original and infectiously enjoyable.” Agreed. Citing Chris Heslop’s music, Kevin Hackenberg’s cinematography, Andrew Pochan’s direction, and the tight script, there was a lot … Read moreHurrah for Traffic Opera

Ronee Blakley, ’nuff said

We here at Dust Nuggets Central have been watching and rewatching Robert Altman’s Nashville lately. It’s a fine film, but defies categorization, generalization, or understanding. It’s rich, but only reveals itself upon repeated viewings. A single pass will leave you scratching your head as you try to find a plot. Lots of people don’t like … Read moreRonee Blakley, ’nuff said

ICT: Cooking in South Africa

Barry Berman is an amazing man and a friend. We knew him first as the screenwriter of the wonderful “Benny and Joon,” a wonderful little 1993 movie starring Johnny Depp at his Deppest: quirky and fun-loving. Berman has a wicked sense of humor and so, of course, we became fast friends. As great as his … Read moreICT: Cooking in South Africa

The Legend of Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo has done a million things. In the 80s he was in the art and music scene of New York City. That probably explains his quirky, dark onscreen personality, but who knows. Eventually he became an actor and you can find him in big films as small characters (for ex: Good Fellas). I first … Read moreThe Legend of Vincent Gallo

Hey, Hey, My, My: Hard Cover Books Will Never Die

Hardbacks occupy a special place in the hearts of us here at Dust Nuggets central. We had to do a bit of work to create our prop — How to Catapult Your Band to Rock Stardom — as a hard cover book. It was worth it because, first of all it was fun to design … Read moreHey, Hey, My, My: Hard Cover Books Will Never Die

Paolini’s Drag Queen Story Hour

Across this fair land there are countless drag queens telling stories to the nation’s enlightened children. It’s actually a brand, I believe, ( and all over the country, drag queens don the tiara and share stories in libraries and other places our little angels congregate. Amongst that revered number is our very own Chris Paolini, … Read morePaolini’s Drag Queen Story Hour