Happy Belated B’day Dr Seuss

A week ago it was your day,
We forgot, and now we say:

Sorry that we missed the date, 
We’re ashamed that we’re so late.

Still we want to show the love
That our hearts are so full of.

Your words, your stories, and your rhymes, 
Of course the pictures; they’re all sublime.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Seuss
For all the fun, for all the juice.

There’s Sam I am and Cat in the Hat,
The Sneetches and King Looie Katz.

That mean old Grinch and Mrs. McCave, 
Whose 23 sons were all named Dave.

King Looie Katz

The Lorax, north- and south-going Zax, 
And don’t forget the Haaken-Kraks

We love them all, even the big-hearted moose. 
Happy Belated, Dr. Seuss.

Post script:

For so many years we’ve looked to you.
To inspire us in what we do.

And now we have our Dust Nuggets movie.
Which everyone says is totally groovy.

Dr. Seuss-style book featured in DUST NUGGETS.

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